Feng is set research and development of diesel generator set、Production、Sales for the integration of large enterprises;Yuchai generator production technology mature,Quality; To meet the user's demand as the starting point,In order to design electric power equipment solutions。Long-term with cummins,The British perkins,German mann,Swedish Volvo,Daewoo Han Guodou mountain,On the wood,Yuchai,Weichai,Shanghai dongfeng research,Kirk, etc with a number of well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers maintain close contact.And from these partners get a variety of technical support Hold

Front hair all diesel generators and motors are all original quality goods,Fake a penalty,Never use a branded product,Not in small charge,Shoddy,Never sell refurbished units,Never use the unqualified products。The management planning program,Pay attention to process control,Finished products test experiment,Ensure product factory qualified rate。All of the units sold enjoy our complete after-sales service。

Feng send specifications、All varieties、The delivery in time;Set up24Hours after-sales service hotline,Feng is located in the developed Yangtze river delta,Strong manufacturing capacity,Lift the industry fast delivery。To customer service requests are put forward,I can promise you throughout the year2Hours to send technical personnel response processing。

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Front hair diesel generating sets main supporting components are world famous brands,Choose the German mann、The United States cummins、The British perkins,Generator use us marathon、Electric and permanent brand。Yuchai generator、Yuchai diesel generating sets for our recommended products,Product quality and after-sales service highly appreciated by customers both at home and abroad...
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